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Updated version of XQ-009. A bit more rounded shape, improved surface, design and measures remain the same.


  • this box is designed for Sony CX range cameras with almost any lens available on the market
  • this box doesn't have lens protection section, so is especially suitable for low-profile lens, for bigger lens there are other boxes available
  • standard color is black, other colors available on demand (what you see is color of topcoat material itself, these boxes are not painted but made from coloured resin, so you are getting super resistant, almost unscratchable surface)
  • 1x tripod screw and 4x mounting screws included with each box

  • for Sony 2009 models (CX-100 -105 -106 -120)
  • for Sony 2010 models (CX-110 -115 -116 -150 -155)
  • for Sony 2012 models (CX-190 -200 -210)
  • for Opteka Ninja 0,2x fisheye lens (on pictures) and most of all low-profile lens
  • for all battery sizes (standard or extended)
  • hole for HypEye and camera screen optional
  • other colors available (actual is BLACK)

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 XQ-009.2  Sony CX-100/150 box - short v.2  105 USD  75 EUR  12 USD  9 EUR

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