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Skoda 1203 in TT scale (1:120)

Skoda 1203, Skoda 1203 M, TAZ-S 1203 and TAZ 1500 was a very famous car produced from 1968 to 1999 by AZV Skoda and TAZ. The vehicle is still being produced by another small manufacturer. Plans for production were first drawn up in 1956, the production was delayed until 1968. There were several modifications during the production run, most of which had to do with the engine.

The kit is casted from PU resin and contains:
  • bodyshell
  • chassis
  • metal etched parts

download S-1203_assembly.pdf

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 S-1203  Skoda 1203 in TT scale (1:120)  16 USD  12 EUR  6 USD  4 EUR

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